Ayurveda is an old system of medicine originated in India, 5000 years before. It was practised under the veteran Guru’s who were keen to impart it to the students through Gurukulam training. Now it has been developed to a successful medical system.

In Shreevarma we are providing this traaitional instant Gurukulam training in the mode of Ayurvedic consultation by well qualified & reputed medical proffessionals. So the prescription provided by our doctors is simple: Make choices that support your individual balance and wellbeing.

The Shreevarma has designed its Ayurvedic Consultations to help you tap into your body’s inner intelligence and understand your unique mind-body type so that you can make the most nurturing and healing choices for yourself.

The Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultation is a one-on-one session with a Shreevarma ayurvedic specialist who will provide a mind-body assessment that will identify your constitutional type (dosha) and give you a snapshot of your current state of mind-body balance. You will have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered, receive personalized recommendations for correcting any imbalances, and learn how to create optimal health and fulfillment in your life.

A typical consultation includes guidance in:o Your mind-body personality o Stress management o Restful sleep techniques o A daily balancing routine o Mind-body integration and Ayurveda o Herbal supplementation o Nutrition for your unique constitutional typeo Yoga consultation

Who Can Benefit?Anyone seeking greater health, balance, and well-being will benefit from a personal Ayurvedic Consultation. You will gain an in-depth understanding of ayurveda’s timeless healing principles and learn practical tools for benefiting from this wisdom in your own life.