It is said that the majestic Aspen trees can grow and flourish in large colonies with one main root system which could be thousands of years old. Above ground, trees may die off every 40-150 years, but below the surface a single root system continues to thrive.

Just as these mighty trees are connected as one, we too are connected at subtle levels. But our everyday lives can tend to create isolation through advances in technology, stress and the warp speed of our lives.

In Satsung Yoga, we gather together as a community to learn yoga postures and how to support ourselves and others in ways that are beneficial and truthful. We look to experience the energy of transformation as we learn each posture.

Satsung Yoga creates a powerful means for experiencing community, building friendships and learning about ourselves though yoga. We will learn postures individually, and then artfully create a practice where the posture is transformed into a symmetrical space in which all participants can join.

Satsung with Acharya will be a blessing, as all felt the presence of Divinity in the whole programme.