Relevance of Vedic Yoga Today

Today, as we had entered the 21st century, a spiritual heritage is being reclaimed of which VedicYoga is very much a part. While yoga’s central theme remains the highest goal of the spiritual path, VedicYoga practices give direct & tangible benefits to everyone regardless of their spiritual aims.

In this industrialized world everyone is having materialistic approach towards everything. No body is interested in the spiritual values as it’s a sort of boredom in their thoughts. They regard it as state which is devoid of enjoyment. When all our materialistic wishes or desires come down, & recognise all the worldly enjoyments where MAYA- a unexisting stage, then one will look for the spiritual path. This is the prevailing idea in everyone’s intelligence, that is the reason behind the neglection of spirituality in daily life.

But, do you have any idea of how spirituality originated. We require food & there are different kinds of food in the world,but all food serve the same purpose of providing the energy & growth of our body, same way even though several spirituality practices are there all have the same purpose of cleansing, activating & strengthening the SPIRIT or SOUL of the being.