Rejuvenation and Rehabilitation

Ayurveda is a very distinct Indian medicinal science which holds certain special attributes in the provision of health care and the treatment of the needy; Focused on the philosophy of Chatushpada (four foundations of treatment). It consists of Bhishak (physician), Upastha (medical assistant or attender of the patient), Rogi (patient) and Dravya (medicine). These four factors are mutually dependent on each other for good outcome of Chikitsa (treatment). Each of the factors possesses four characteristics that are necessary for effective care. In the absence of any one of these, therapy will not be effective. Once the disease is cured, we restore the individual’s natural immunity by increasing it hence, prevent reoccurrence. Even in the classical text of Ayurveda, there is a separate division mentioned as Asadhya (incurable diseases) and as per the modern medicine WHO has also classified incurable diseases. We do accept incurable diseases cannot be cured but instead we at Shree Varma hospital take a leap to reduce the suffering of the patient through providing counselling in a positive approach and rehabilitation program through the healing power of Yoga, meditation, Yogic physiotherapy, acupuncture and acupressure to improve the quality of life.