Rasayana Rejuvenaton

Rasayana is a special type of treatment, containing various methods of rejuvenation. The concept is based on principles of conservation and transmutation of energy. Rasayana Therapy strives to improve physical, mental and moral qualities.

• it prevents old age, restores youthfulness
• improves the complexion
• improves the voice
• increase physical strength
• increases immunity
• it strengthens memory and intelligence
• gives happiness to oneself• helps in making the life beneficial to others.

Every individual has a natural life span of hundred years. The life span is nothing but the combined functioning of reserve force, which is the combined effect of six components:
• Material Influence
• Paternal influence
• Nutrition
• The subtle body
• The soul
• Congenital factors.

If the optimum use of this reserve force is made, then one can achieve one’s full life span. On the contrary, inproper use of sexual organs, improper food and rest, reckless approach to the problems of life, and accumulation of stress and strain on the mind will drain the reserve force resulting in a shorter life span. Here the Rasayana chikitsa will help an individual to achieve the best of life span. In order to achieve the maximum benefit of Rasayana, the body must be made sensitive and receptive to assimilate the Rasayana medicine. Preliminary to Rasayana, Panchakarma or the Purification practices should be performed. Such practices aim at removing waste products and aggravated humors from the body.

The actions of Rasayana regimens are manifold.
• To increase body tissues
• To increase digestive power
• To increase the metabolic process at the tissue level
• To improve endocrine gland function
• To remove waste products
• To remove excess tissues in the body.
• To increase the functional capacity of the brain.
• To increase the strength and immunity of the body.
• To destroy disease
• To establish homeostasis of energy which prevents early ageing.

Every human being possesses three basic innate urges or drives for preserving their life.– the instinct for self-preservation,– the instinct to gain wealth, – the instinct for self.

Although the science of Vajikarna attempts to increase sexual power, its real aim is genetic improvement. It has been clearly stated that those, who are unable to perform or satisfy their sexual act, should take these medicines. This method should be adopted after the person attains the age of puberty and when hormones and secondary sexual characters have developed. It should not be used before the age of sixteen. Like Rasayana, purification of body and mind should be performed before, for achieving the maximum benefits of Vajeekarana.