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Shree Varma Hospitals has, emphasized long range planning in keeping up-to-date with the sciences of traditional medicine for the services to the community. This wellness & holistic approach of health uses the most ancient sciences of medicine, Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy & Yoga for healing of people belonging to every corners of the society. Shree Varma offers you not only physical well-being, but also mental and spiritual rejuvenation.

Detoxification and Rejuvenation is basic principles of Vedic treatment.Detoxification on three stages Sareerasuddhi, Manosuddhi and Atma Suddhi. Rejuvenation on two states Rasayana and Vajeekarana.

In Shree Varma Hospitals, all types of diseases whether acute or chronic are perfectly managed under the expert guidance of Dr Krishnavarma & his dedicated colleagues. During consultation itself, patients are properly educated about their disease & how to manage it naturally by making simple changes in their lifestyle. They are taught about the importance of food, air, breathe in maintaining a healthy life.

Shareerashuddhi treatment covers a vast field of cleansing. The main discipline consists of two primary procedures, external and internal purification, together called Shareerashuddhi or sodhanakarma. These procedures permanently eliminates biological toxins deposited in the body.It includes detoxificating procedures like Panchakarma, Eliminative diet, Herbal medicine intake, Vedic Yoga etc.

Manoshuddhi is the integration of all the layers of life environmental, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Mind controls the body. Breath controls the mindBy various breathing techniques like fast and deep breathing mind cleansing becomes possible. Acharya krishnavarma sets the goal of Manosuddhi as nothing short of total freedom from all sufferings through the regular practice of Vedic Yoga. 

Though the soul is free from influence, its sheaths encounter the objects of this world, which leaves soul impure.Meditation & Silence, are the methods through which atmashuddhi is possible. When consciousness is in a serene state, its interior components, like intelligence, ego, mind & the feeling of ‘I’, also experience tranquility. Stillness & silence are experienced, poise & peace set in & one becomes cultured. One’s thoughts, words, & deeds develop purity, & begin to flow in a divine stream.

Then the union of JEEVATMA & PARAMATMA becomes a reality.

We invite everybody for a Six Days Yogasree Residential Course, where we teach not only to get rid of your present illness but also the mantra to lead a happy life- the importance of proper food, water & air . Under the expert guidance of Acharya Krishnavarma you will be well trained to discover the healing within yourself & also to educate others to lead a healthy life.

There are hours when one forgets the world. There are hours when one approaches that region of blessedness in which the soul is self-contained & in the presence of the highest. Then is silenced all clamouring of desire; all sound of sense is stilled. The soul is close to its source & it draws those true qualifications, which are of its nature- fearlessness, the sense of reality, the sense of deathlessness, washing away all its worldly desires, cleansing it-ATMASHUDDHI.

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