Nature cure is an art & science of healthy living. It is a drugless system of healing based on scientific philosophy. It has its own concept of health, disease, & principles. Nature cure is a system of man building in harmony with constructive principles of nature on physical, mental, moral, & spiritual planes of being. It has great health promotive, disease preventive & curative aspects of healing. It has a constructive method of treatment, which believes in the rational use of the freely available elements in nature for removing the basic cause of disease.

The main principles of Naturopathy are

• All diseases, their cause & their treatment are one.
• The primary cause of all disease is accumulation of morbid matter in the body & their elimination from the body is the treatment.
• Nature is the greatest healer. Body has a capacity to protect itself from disease & to regain its health if fallen ill.
• Naturopathy treats body as a whole. It treats the patient not the disease.
• Acute diseases are body’s natural efforts to cleanse itself. If it is suppressed it may lead to chronic disease.

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