Preparation for Manosuddhi:
* Sit comfort with closed eyes.
* Hands in Brahma Mudra.
* Relax whole body with slow and deep breath. Then start Nadi Suddhi.

* Adapt chin mudra on left hand, Nasigagra Mudra on right hand.
* Close the right nostril with the right thumb and breath in through the left nostril.
* Close the left nostril with right ring finger, breath out slowly through the right nostril. Then breath in through the same and close right nostril, breath out through the left nostril.
* Repeat the same with maximum slow and deep breath.

* Squeeze the eyes completely and feel darkness, without opening relax the eyes.
* While relax try to smile your self.
* When you squeeze the eyes burn all emotions and when you relax and smile throw out all the bad emotions away from you.
* Repeat the process continuously at the end.
* Relax your eyes, relax your face and relax your mind.

* Start with slow and deep breath through both nostrils, slowly make it fast, when you reach the maximum fast continue as much you can, then allow the breath as it is, it can come to normal by its own.
* Observe the changes inside you.

Stage 1:
Ajna Suddhi
* Exhalation through both nostrils vigorously.
* Try your maximum to exhale fast and short.
* Till the music continuous exhale rapidly.

Stage 2:
Visuhuddhi Siddhi
* When the music changes allow the breath as it is.
* Make sounds from the throat without any language.
* Express yourself completely. It can be the happiness, worries, angry anything come from your mind, throw it out.

Stage 3:
Anahat Suddhi:
* Exhale through mouth, make the sound "HU" from chest.
* When the music stops relax and experience the silence

Stage 4:
Mannipura Suddhi
* Come to the standing posture with normal breath and closed eyes when the music starts.
* Shake the body slowly with blinking eyes, then start to jump with fast breath, gradually increase the speed.
* Do the maximum jump and maximum breath.

Stage 3:
Swadistan Suddhi
* When the music changed float your body along with the music.
* Allow the body to dance by its own, don't stay in a place, move your legs here and there.

Adhar Suddhi:
* When the music change sit comfort or lie down as per your convenient, allow the breath as it is.
* Try to experience the happenings inside you. Whatever happens accept it. You are the witness for everything, when you experience the silence.