Life cannot be sustained without food. Food is one of the basic needs of life, the other two being air and water. A person require sufficient nourishment for growth, development and maintenance of health. Food gives health and energy to our body and help to prevent from disease.

Many diseases of the modern day such as obesity, diabetes, asthma, ulcer, arthritis, hypertension, CHD, migraine, cancer are all the result of digestive disorder and have their roots in the kind of food we eat and the way it is prepared or processed.

Previously, human life span was more than 100 years. But it has reduced to maximum 60 years one of the reasons for which is wrong food habits. It is also important to take right food at right time and in right quantity. If your food is healthy, you always feel fit and fine. Healthy food habit is very much important for the body growth as it influences body functioning such as sleep.

Nature has provided immense gifts to man such as fruits and vegetables. Recent trend is that, most people like to eat deep fried food, spicy, fast and masala foods, which affects the health and cause diseases.

Fruits are naturally looked by sunrays. Fruits and vegetables in their natural form are the best diet of man, for which man is physically and mentally most fit. Man can develop great resistance to disease with this natural food and a regular healthy life style. Fruits are easily digestible, they help cleanse the body too.

Cooking food by water, the most commonly employed method, causes moderate loss of vitamin and minerals. If excess water is used and discarded 30-70 % vitamin and minerals are lost. Should avoid deep fat frying of food and Consume more fruits and vegetable.

Nutritional value of food is more important than the amount of food. Food has a vital role in maintaining health and which has the power to prevent and cure ailments, makes one healthy both physically and mentally.

Ayurveda classifies food into

* Satvik food
* Rajasik food
* Tamasik food


Satvik food are fresh, wholesome, good quality, natural neither over cooked nor under cooked. Satvik food maintains the person healthy, keeps one free from disease and maintains the purity of body, mind, and health. These food increases the Ayush and Arogya (health)

Rajasik foods are spicy, salty, oily, meat, fish, egg and artificial beverages. Rajasik food can arouse animal passion in man, bring a restless state of mind and cause disease.

Tamasik foods are meat, excess of garlic, onion, liquors, soften state and unclean foods. This makes a person dull, lazy, thinking capacity decreases.

How to eat:
* Emotional eating is the tendency to eat in response to negative emotions.
* Chew thoroughly the food.
* Eat food slowly with relaxed mind and avoid heavy food during hurry and worry.
* Should not drink water in between the meals.
* Should not talk and laugh while taking food which leads, the food particle enter into the air passage.
* Eat only when you are hungry.
* Over eating causes in digestion and leads to diseases.
* Vegetables and fruits are living foods, more beneficial than cooked foods. Take more fruits, vegetables and keep life healthy and live with nature