1.. What is ‘SHREE VARMA’ all about?
It is a foundation that deals with the health and spirituality, it is a chain of hospitals, which work for the spiritual and physical healing of the humanity..

2.. In which way does this foundation help us?
It helps you in such a way that you get healed out of the mental problems and physical problems and not heal them, but strengthen them as well, the main thing is it makes one to understand as ‘who are we?’ 

3.. Why do we need spiritual healing?
In today’s society, one should have the capacity to withstand all the problems and overcome their day to day life for this one should have a very well balanced body, mind and sole. Which could only be done by spiritual healing.. 

4..What is your main objective?
Our aim is, to make the best efforts we can to enable the people to lead their life in a much better healthy way.. 

5.. What are your specialities?
Our specialities are our concept & methods of Shareera shuddhi, Mano shuddhi & Atma shuddhi. 

6.. What are shareera shuddhi, athma shuddhi and mano shuddhi?
These are the methods of purification of body, mind & soul respectively, These are the only steps one should take to purify these essential elements of the body, These could be done by the practice of yoga, meditation and following the medicinal regimen prescribed by our doctors.. 

7.. Details about our foundation?
Ours is a very well organised foundation, which is being lead by a very highly qualified team of doctors. The faculty here always work towards hospital’s best.We have clients who visit us not only from our country but also from various countries like France, Australia, Sri lanka, United states etc… 

8.. Details about our group of hospitals?
Now we are having 5 branches of hospitals, with a very good faculty to manage, The main thing about us is that we have our own pharmacy, which not many hospitals facilitate, so this enables us to prepare the best formulations of our ancient science in its own traditional way without disturbing its own purity and surety.

9.. About our I.P [IN patients] wards?
We offer the best I.P wards, with good ventilated rooms with necessary furnitures and kind attenders near by to attend you at any time, with a very caring and homely way.. 

10.. Details about our special treatments?
We provide patients the best physical treatments and inaddition we also provide specialised treatments to the mind and soul through yoga and meditation. The best treatment we give is Manoshuddhi, which is the best way to cleanse the mind.