Divine refers to the magnificient state of a being. All of us are having that divinity within ourselves as we are a part of the divine God, the almighty. In this busy world we have no time to concentrate upon this true nature of us. We are too scheduled that the divine being of us remain a mystery to many of us.

But now as many spiritual paths are coming to light this divine truth is unfolded leading us to our magnificence. The whole universe is made & contained in Divine eventhough many technologies produce radical theories of evolution demolishing the materialistic bias of atheism.

With the ABHYASA of Divine Vedic Yoga we realize this truth & start striving for this divinity. By being in divine we will experience all the benefits of the divinity, have a positive outlook towards life. The busy schedule of our life segregates to worldly & divine there by enjoying the whole advantages of life. We will be living in present where the past & future will not be a priority for us.