Concepts of Shree Varma

A strong building has a strong foundation.

Shreevarma principles are based on the three pillars of healing –cleansing, repairing and strengthening by rejuvenating of body, mind and soul.

The ancient method of vedic healing in Atharvana veda, has been modified & modernized to a capsular form for the well-being of society by the creative hands of Acharya Krishnavarma.

The Shreevarma treatment is accessible to all needy and sufferers from all sections of society, there by leading them to the higher levels of spirituality; where no difference is there between the souls, as all are part of Divine. It has given cure to thousands of patients all over the world. The worried takes sackful of happiness from the everlasting treasure and bliss of Shreevarma.

 Ten Principles for Shree Varma for healthy life.

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