Depression, mood disorder, Stress, insomnia, insanity, epilepsy, anxiety neurosis, mental retardation, memory loss, negative thoughts, convalescence, mental exhaustion, lack of concentration, Head ache, prevents degeneration of neurons.

2 capsules twice daily at after food or as directed by physician

Nardostachys jatamansi - 30 mg
Celastrus paniculatus - 70 mg
Convolvulus pluricaulis - 20 mg
Acorus calamus - 70 mg
Nelumbo nucifera - 70 mg
Withania somnifera -50 mg
Curculigo orchioides - 30 mg
Valeriana wallichii - 20 mg
Allium sativum - 40 mg
Gossypium herbaceum - 15 mg
Bacopa monnieri - 15 mg

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