Benefits of Vedic Yoga Practice

Heaviness of body arises from a preponderance of toxins, & daily practice of Vedic yoga removes this. Though it is impossible to explain clearly & realize the important truths that underlie the various postures, till the human system is understood in all its intricacy & detail, still it can be said that the various postures bring about many important results, physical & otherwise. For eg; during some of them, various nerve centres are activized; these effectively help to control the irregularities in the body & what is more wonderful, but not less true, is the purification of the mental nature i.e, the suppression of some

• It makes the body light & the eyes shiny.
• Immunity is improved.
• It increases the vitality.
• The anabolic & catabolic process of the body are brought into equilibrium.

• Helps to retain the tonicity & elasticity of the muscles.
• Develops harmonius movement of body parts.
• Makes the body supple & agile in its movements.
• Maintains natural balance & coordination between various parts of the body as well as the internal organs.
• Gives deep massage to all muscles.

Respiration has two effects on our body- external & internal. When one inhales, the chest expands & when one exhales the chest retracts. This is the external effect of respiration. When one inhales air enters through the nostrils & passes through the trachea to reach the lungs & the small alveoli sacs in the lungs swells up like a balloon. Each alveoli sac is surrounded by blood vessels which exchange CO2 &O2 with the air inside. When we go for deep breathing, we allows enough time for the Haemoglobin present in blood, to combine with oxygen to form oxyhaemoglobin which energises & enriches the whole body. Pranayama therefore, is the art of revitalizing the whole system.

• Increases the breathing capacity by expanding the chest.
• Helps to increase the supply of oxygen.
• Respiratory harmony is maintained.
• It manipulates nervous energy through important nerve centres which has its healing power.
• Increase the elasticity of lungs.
• Strengthens the muscles of respiration

• Increases blood circulation to whole body.
• The oxygen carrying capacity of the blood is augmented.
• Improves the cardiac output.
• Removes the toxins from the blood
.• It controls the heart rate, heart contractibility & blood pressure.

• Improves assimilative & eliminative process.
• Improves the peristaltic movement of the intestines.
• Good for constipation.• Improves digestion.
• Liver & spleen functions are regulated.

• The pituitary & pineal glands, located in the brain are stimulated & toned.
• Makes the secretion of all glands normal.
• Improves blood circulation to all glands, there by improving their function.

• Improves concentration of the mind.
• It refreshes & invigorates the mind.
• Relaxes the mind.
• Reieves from mental sluggishness.
• It helps cure insomnia & depression. 
• Makes mind free from stress & anxiety.
• Washes away all unhealthy feelings in ones mind.
• Contributes to mental purity & makes a person extra-mundane.

• Memory & intellectual capacity are increased.
• The psychic system is balanced.
• Improved sensoryfunctions; eg: eyesight, hearing.
• Increases the confidence of the mind.
• It increases an alertness as a result of increased oxygen to the brain.
• The regular practitioner enjoys blooming vigour & improved health.
• It improves interest, concentration, memory power.
• Positive attitude towards life can be aggravated.
• Negative emotions naturally get suppressed.
• Unknowingly

• It activates pranic energy.
• It cleanses the soul, atma.
• It makes the soul to join with universal soul.
• It prepares the body to listen to the divine.