Ayurvedic Treatments

The aim of Ayurveda is to promote health, increase immunity and resistance-and to cure disease.As a part of regular seasonal regimens, these therapy is advised for all individuals, even the most healthy & diseased. It is a part of sharirashuddhi.

1. ABHYANGAM It is one form of snehanam (oleation), together with massage, which is the practice of applying pressure, tension, motion or vibration to soft tissues of the body including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, joints and lymphatic vessels to achieve beneficial results.

2. AYUR ABHYANGAMIt is one form of traditional treatment practiced in south Kerala. This treatment detoxifies and rejuvenates our body.. It nourishes the seven dhatus through the skin. This therapy is done by two masseurs using hands.

3. SHIROABHYANGAMIt is giving a soothing massage to the head, neck, and shoulder using warm herbal oils. It cures Insomina, Headache, Dandruff, Pre-mature graying, Hair loss.It is a very soothing and relaxing treatment which brings sound sleep, cooling to the eyes. According to Ayurveda, head is an important site of pranavayu. By shiroabhyangam one can control this pranavayu which nourishes the five sense organs. There are many marma (vital) points in the head, neck and in the arms by massaging them, health gets improved.

4. SHIRODHARAA continuous stream of medical oil or herbal decoction made of milk, is made to pour gently on the forehead, from a particular height through specially made shirodhara apparatus. This promotes rejuvenation and revitalization of mind and body. It is a very effective treatment for Anxiety, Depression, Epilepsy, Hypertension, Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Insomnia, Mental retardation, Paralysis, Stress, Psoriasis , Pre-mature graying & Hair loss etc.

5. SHIROVASTI This is a special technique to administer medicated oil on the head. In this, patient is made to sit upright and a light abhyanga is given. The prescribed oil is poured & held inside a leather cap fitted on the head. This treatment is effective for Diseases of eye, nose, and ear, Chronic headache, Facial paralysis, Spondylitis, Insomnia and numerous other disorders arising out of deranged vata. It also improves ones vision, memory and mental power. It also reduces the ill effects of smoking.

6. SIRO LEPAM (TALAPODICHIL)Here a herbal paste is applied to the entire head and covered with a plantain leaf. It is beneficial for Headache, Depression, Hyperactive conditions, Burning sensation in the eyes. Insomnia, & Skin disorders.

7. MUKHABHYANGAM It is the massage of face with medicated cream. It relieves tension on the face, improves complexion and prevents acne & wrinkles.

8. MUKHA LEPAMHere after face massage local herbal steam is given and then herbal medicine pack is applied. It relieves stress/tension in the face, remove black spots, dark circles and improves colour and complexion.

9. SHAREERA LEPANAMHerbal paste is applied all over the body followed by a wrap in banana leaves to maintain warmth. Finally, the lepam is washed off and then skin is nourished with milk or plant gel based lotion.

10. PADAABHYANGAMIt is a very stimulating massage to the lower part of the legs and to the feet. It soothes and cools the eyes, alleviates burning of the eyes, induces sleep, smoothen and heals cracked heels and also relieves tiredness and pain in leg and feet.

11. KARNA PURANAMLukewarm oil is poured into the ears after local Snehanam and Swedanam. Beneficial for Deafness, Tinnitus, Earache, Ataxia.

12. KARNA DHUPANAM (Ear Fumigation)Medicated fumes are directed into ears. Beneficial in ear discharge, ear infections, otitis media.

13. PICHUCotton cloth dipped in specific medicated oil is applied to the affected parts of the body. Beneficial in Facial palsy, Headache, Insomnia, Dermatitis of the scalp, Dandruff, Hair loss, Lumbago, Osteoarthritis& other Neurological disorders.

14. KAVALAGRAHAHere comfortable amount of fluid is retained in the mouth for gargling purpose. It is good for mouth, eye, head and neck related problems. Daily practice strengthens the supraclavicular region.

15. GANDUSHAHere mouth is completely filled with fluid& is kept for some time. It is good for head and neck related disorders.

16. AKSHI TARPANA It is the process of keeping medicated fluid in the eyes. This therapy improves the sight, heals stiffness, pain and roughness around the eyes. It strengthens the eyes and protects them against the sun’s rays. It is also good for serious eye disorders, such as Glaucoma, Ulcerated cornea & Inflamed lesions around the eyes.

17. PATRA PINDA SWEDAM-SARVANGAFresh leaves of various herbs are fried along with other herbal ingredients and are tied into boluses.These boluses are dipped into warm medicated oil and massaged. Beneficial in Chronic back pain, loss of function of a part or whole limb, Joint stiffness and swellings, Muscular pain, Sciatica, Spondylosis, Sprains and Cramps.

18. PATRA PINDA SWEDAM-EKAANGAIt is the Local Patra Pinda Swedam Therapy.

19. PODIKIZHIIn this, powdered herbal leaves and roots are packed in cotton bags. Using these bags massage is performed. This is very effective in Cervical and Spinal stiffness, and pain.

20. NARANGA KIZHIA pouch with lemon and herbs is dipped in medicated oils and then massaged on the body. Beneficial in Back pain, Muscular pain, Sprains etc.

21. NAVARA KIZHI It is a highly effective rejuvenation technique using a special type of rice which is cooked, tied into boluses and dipped into herbal decoction and warm milk, & then skillfully massaged over the body. Beneficial in Paralysis, Body ache, Emaciation, Debility, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis & for rejuvenating and strengthening tissues.

22. PIZHICHIL This is a luxurious treatment in which two therapists pour warm herbal oil over the body simultaneously performing gentle massage. This therapy is good to prevent ageing, wrinkles and for Musculo-skeletal disorders.

23. UDWARTANAMA herbal powder is applied all over the body and deeply massaged with specific movements. It tones the skin & muscle after child birth or weight loss, imparts good complexion to the skin, revitalizes the sense of touch & removes kapha toxins from the body .It is very effective in treating obesity.

24. UTSADANAM / LEKHANEEYAMA herbal paste is applied all over the body and massaged with specific movements. It tones the skin and muscle, improves complexion and smoothens the skin and also removes extra fat from the body.

25. KATIVASTHIIt is a special technique aimed at providing relief to the lower back using warm medicated oils. Beneficial in Chronic and acute backaches, Prolapsed disc, Lumbar spondylosis, & Sciatica.

26. UROVASTHI Chest region is bathed in medicated oils. It strengthens chest region and heart, beneficial in Cardiac myopathy & cures injuries and fractures of the thorax.

27. JANUVASTHIIn this treatment, the knee is bathed in warm medicated oils. It strengthens the knee joint. It is effective in Osteoarthritis of the knee joint.

28. NADI SWEDAMSudation therapy, where the steam from boiling herbal decotions/milk etc are directed to the affected body parts through a pipe. Effective in stiffness, pain, numbness etc.

29. UDHARA VASTY Useful in genitourinary diseases and infertility of female.

30. RAKTAMOKSHANAMExpulsion of toxins from blood through the procedure of blood letting is called raktamokshanam. It is done in non-healing ulcers and to remove doshas (toxins) from the blood.

31. SOUNDARYA It is a complete beauty care therapy. It includes cleansing treatment for 10 to 15 minutes initially & then herbal scrub is used to remove dead cells from the body. After that body is massaged with milk, honey or medicated oil. A pack of herbal medicine is applied for 45 minutes & then a herbal bath is given.

32. VAMANAMExpulsion of vitiated doshas through mouth is termed as Vamanam. The drug is administered though mouth and vitiated doshas are also expelled the same way.

33. VIRECHANAMExpulsion of vitiated doshas through rectum is known as Virechanam. Here the drug is administered through mouth and toxins will be expelled through rectum.

34. NASYAMHere herbal juices or medicated oils are administered through nostrils ,depending on the complaints of the patient. Highly beneficial in Chronic sinusitis, Headache, Loss of taste, Dryness, Pain in neck & shoulder.

35 SNEHAVASTICertain herbal oil are introduced through the rectum with a special apparatus called Vasthiyanthra. Its a very effective treatment for chronic diseases.

36. KASHAYAVASTIA mixture of herbal decoctions, honey, oil, herbal paste, rock salt etc are introduced through the rectum via a special instrument . It is considered to be the most effective panchakarma & is beneficial for all diseases.