Athma Shuddhi

Divine or literally celestial therapy is applied to those diseases which are neither purely physical nor psychological and whose causative factors cannot be explained from evident cause. It consists of various subtle, religious or occult methods to ward off negative influences and to promote those which are good. It includes Varma, the secret art of divine healing and chanting mantras, the spiritual use of the herbs and gems, rituals for giving good fortune (mangala), offering of oblations (Bali), offerings in general (Upahara), fasting (upavasa), pilgrimages (Gamana), performance of prostrations (Pranipata), and fire sacrifices (Homa), ceremonial penances (Prayaschitta), and rituals for well being (Swastyayana). This therapy is not so commonly used today; because it not known to every physicians and teach only through Gurukulam. This therapy is found Varma sasthra, Vedic Astrology as well as various yogic approaches particularly teachings of Tantric Traditions, and marma treatment.

According to Siddha system, all the marmas are invisible but could be traced or located at Point where body, mind and psychic energies are concentrated together. Marma is nothing but blockage of vital energy (Vasi) in the body. This blockage could be due to external physical injuries, psychological passions and their effect through doshas. This effect can be felt at the psychic energy therefore marmas can be controlled by psychic powers. These points are called as "maithenda kaalam", In short, marma is the point on the body, where the blockage of the energy is felt. This is used for enhancing the psychological powers by the use of Mantras as well as by Yoga also.

Marma Treatment:
"The Secret Art Of Divine Healing" marma points are important energy centers on the body much like the acupuncture points of Traditional Chinese medicine. One finds the first reference to them in Atharva Veda and they are elaborately dealt by Sushruta. Knowledge of these sensitive points became an essential part of training for Arya Vaidyas, as injury to these points can produce death or disability.

A marma point is an anatomical site where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, As the technique massage developed, these pointswere used for stimulating internal organs and systems of the different areas on the body where they occur, the tissue of which they are composed, and the effects which are felt if they are injured.