Acharya KrishnavarmaAbout Acharya Krishnavarma

Acharya Krishnavarma, popularly known as Dr.Bobby, is the son of Dr.M.Santhappan, who hails from rich lineage of acclaimed practitioners
belonging to the famous Travancore Aryavaidya Gurukulam, spanning of over four centuries. He learnt Ayurveda, Yoga and Varma concepts under Dr. M. Santhappan in the Arya Vaidya Gurukulam for 12 years. He completed his Gurukulum education at the age of 18, which included difficult observances and training methods. Apart from Ayurveda, he is also well versed in basic  Atharvana Veda Shastras and Tantric. His outstanding dedication towards patients made him one of the best Ayurvedic doctors of the 20th century.

 Acharya’s abundant medicinal knowledge, his precise approach and laudable treatment of patients have taken his fame beyond national borders. He is well appreciated by Ayurveda and Allopath doctors alike. His achievements are considered as milestones in the world of medicine. His miraculous Varma treatment have cured diseases that were declared as either curable only through  surgery or pronounced incurable by famous specialists.

 Acharya’s goal is that all should live a disease-free and healthy life. One can achieve one's goals only by living a healthy life.  Krishnavarma’s Shree Varma comprises meditation-based practices formulated not only to recover one from illness but also to  protect from future occurence of diseases. Shree Varma teaches how to live a healthy life rather than fight with medicine and  pain. You will realize the complete benefits of Shree Varma when you follow the Shree Varma’s principle. Shree Varma is a  compilation of methods to achieve full awareness of disease and understand how to recover completely from it. It gives renewed  confidence and promises complete health to patients. Shree Varma Gurukulam Trust founded by Acharya Krishnavarma, is  considered one of the best health & spirituality destination in the world.