Welcome to Shreevarma - the divine knowledge of healing

Acharya Krishnavarma, by his innate experience of being with Divine initiated the miraculous healing of Shreevarma a decade ago. He & his dedicated colleagues through their sincerity & efficiency have taken this venture to a much recognizable position.

Near the serene atmosphere of Pondicherry beach thousands & thousands are experiencing this Divinity in their life. Through this website, we would like to welcome you to our world of Divine healing experienced under the blissful grace of Acharya Krishnavarma.

Our goal is that all should live a disease-free and healthy life. Our concept comprises meditation-based practices, formulated not only to help you recover from illness, but also to protect you from future occurrence of diseases. We teaches how to live a healthy life, rather than fight with pain & suffering after falling prey to disease. We believe this medical essence is at the heart of its healing tradition and welcomes you for the renewal of your body, mind, and soul.

Our signature program SHREEVARMA TREATMENT is where it all began. For more than a decade, thousands of people from around the world have experienced this profound and transformative healing developed by Acharya Krishnavarma. If you are coping with physical illness, emotional turmoil, career-related stress or loss, SHREEVARMA will immerse you in nourishing, healing treatments and set you on a path to maintain and increase your wellbeing when you return home.

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